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A home Away from Home

Shiwalik International School aims to ensure the best boarding facilities a modern home can render to its inmates so that the student feel at home.The dorms are equipped with a recreation room with good indoor games facilities.The live-in staff monitors the health and hygiene, maintains discipline and takes care of emergencies.

Stress is laid on the all-around development and a close check is kept on the performance of each child.The hostel offers its inmates very clean washroom with fresh hot/cold water at their disposal all the time During summers the hostel is equipped with a water cooler to quench the thirst of young ones all-round the clock.

The boarders are provided with vegetarian and non-vegetarian meals. The dining hall always sends out the aroma of delicious and healthy food. Proper care is taken of their diet and health.There are regular medical check-ups, to monitor their health. The hostel can proudly boast of the fact that no child lacks in love and care which is bestowed on him/ at home.