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These activities are vital for the overall personality development of the children. Shiwalik International School keeps on conducting the following activities on regular basis. E.g. Co-curricular activities like Music (Indian, Vocal and Instrumental), Art, Craft, Painting, Mass PT, Dance, Drama, Debates, Quiz, Recitations, Parade and Karate are offered in the school curriculum.

For a well balanced development of an individuals personality, the school curriculum lays equal emphasis on academics and physical development. The school has well-equipped audio-visual material unit to provide learning as well as entertainment. Activities like Debates, Declamation, Quiz, Creative Writing, One-Act Play, Dance Drama, Music & Dance Competitions are held periodically at inter-house & inter-school level in order to provide exposure & suitable platform to the students to bring out their latent talents.

The school has spacious playground and provides facilities for games like Football, Basket ball, Cricket, Badminton etc. Indoor games like Table Tennis, Chess, Carrom etc. are also taught.

Training is also given in Martial arts like Karate, Judo etc. Besides this Horse Riding is also taught to the children.


Inter House Quiz Competition

Like every year school organized a quiz competition for middle section and senior section on.

In the first half the quiz competition was organized for the middle section. It was a general quiz covering various fields like music sports, current affairs and general knowledge. There were three rounds general round, rapid fire round and buzzer round. There were two participants were

  1. Azad Adiba & Pooja Sanwal VIII
  2. Tagore Archit Jayaswal & Triputi Pradhan VIII
  3. Manekshaw Rahul Negi VIII & Shivang VII
  4. J.K. Kartik Sharma & Shivika VIII

All of them participated with great enthusiasm and tried their best. Tagore house bagged 1st Prize.


Name of participants

  1. Azad RajanSaini & Amandeep Kaur
  2. Tagore Aishwarya & ArushiGoel
  3. Menekshaw Baljinder & Chandrakant
  4. J.K. Diksha & Sarthak


“Religion fames an integral part of our very a being a Sikh minority institution, it had always been an endeavor to impact the importance of sikh religion and educate the children about the sanctity associated with all its rituals and rites. In accordance with that, like every year, the Shiwalikans participated with religious fervor in the Gurpurb celebration on the occasion of Irakashotsav of Dhan Dhan Sri Guru Nanak Dev jee the congregation was held at Gurudwara Sahib, Race course dehradun.

The students eathralled the sangat wth their melodious and pious shabads taken from Sri Guru Granth Sahib Jee. Each and every soul was droned in the heartful rendering of the various shabads. The students & staff were foliated by the Gurudwara Managing Committee.

Cleaning Campaign

Since the emergence of Dehradun as the capital city, it has been under great constrain in terms of infrastructure, cleanliness so on and so foster. This land which is a battle ground where we fought our survival,The ideal destination- the city of dreams- is merely a myth. The ever growing population puts unreasonable demands on the infrastructure available and the city seems to burst to its seams.

To ideally epitomise human civilization at its best, a small initiative was undertaken by Shiwalik International School. The school organised a cleaning campaign in the adjoining area of the campus. The monster of garbage and filththat is threatening to devour us and we have got only to reproach ourselves with. However, this cleaning campaign drive could not be big enough to cover the entire city but brought relief to the local residents of the area.

The drive was initiated by the entire teacher-student fraternity. Students like squads and citizens brought pride to the school. Slogans and banners were prepared to enlighten the increasing infuse of population on the eco- friendly environment.

Independence Day

“Accept the challenges, so that you may feel the exhilaration of victory”. Yes, one challenge that our freedom fighters and leaders like our Mahatma Gandhi, Bhagat Singh, SubhasChandra Bose and many others had taken over was, the endeavour of chasing away the British thus freeing India from the servile bonds. It was due to the efforts and sacrifices of these men that we achieved this freedom and we are now practising our fundamental rights and called the proud citizens of free India.

Independence Day is celebrated with zeal and patriotic fervour in Shiwalik School every year. Keeping up with the tradition , this year also the national flag was hoisted by Chairman of the school S.Iqbal Singh. Speaking on the occasion he asked the students to imbibe the true spirit of patriotism which they had inherited from theirforefathers.

Felicitated all on this National Festival.

Investiture Ceremony

“A leader has the vision and conviction that a dream can be achieved. He inspires the power and energy to get it done.”

An institution without leaders is just like a planet without existence. To carry forward a legacy it is vital to have someone to safe guard it, so that it reaches inthe safest hands. Its only few out of so many who deserve to be the leaders, who can mix the right ingredients in the right place and thus come out with the best recipe.

The better of the best students from the entire student fraternity were nominated as captains, vice-captains and the prefects. After proper scrutiny, interview and a deep insight into the academic records of the nominees, it was decided by the authorities to designate them on different positions. There was a gleam of hope and promise and an enthusiasm on each face while the oath was administered by the Principal on the occasion of theInvestiture Ceremony. Thus we had a sound Prefect Board to lead the school.

Head Boy Rajan Sethi
Head Girl Abhavya Goyal
Vice Head Boy Pushkar Singhal
Vice Head Girl Diksha Goyal
Discipline Incharges
Ajay Sethi Ajay Sethi
Editorial Board
Kiran SanwalArushi Goyal
Divya Gupta
Sports Captains
Boys Girls
Kulvinder SinghItnaman
Vice Sports Captains
Boys Girls
Rohit TanejaAanya
Activity Incharges
Shaurya Kunwar Pal Singh Narula House
CaptainsVice-House Captains
Menekshaw HouseBaljinder Singh, Satvinder Kaur
Tagore HouseVidit, Sukhleen Kaur
J.k.HouseSarthak, Avleen
Azad HouseJasmeet Singh, Amandeep

English Declamation

April 20, 2013

“Wise men talk because they have something to say”

Oratory skills are not everybody's cup of tea. It takes a lot of intellect, expressions and foremost the capacity to think. In the Inter House English Declamation Competition for Middle section, the students once again came out with flying colours. Children from all the houses delivered excellent speeches thus proving themselves better than theothers. The competitors were from classes VII to IX . The judges were Vice- Principal and the Coordinator.

Name House Points Position
AdibaClass VIII Azad 100/120 First
DevanshClass IX Menekshaw 95/120 Second
NishantClass IX Tagore 88/120 Third

English Elocution

April 20, 2013

“Giant leaps after start as small steps”

Keeping this proverb in mind the English department which is always flooded with activities, took the first stride with the junior English Elocution. All the houses and classes proved their mettle as good speakers, thus bringing forth their views on the topic assigned to each one of them. The key points that were considered in the competition were the title, presentation, confidence, expression and memorizing

The competition was adjudged by:
The Vice- Principal and the Co-ordinator

Tagore 120/150 First
Menekshaw 119/150 Second

Trip To Manali

April 20, 2013

Manali is a hill nestled in between the mountains of Himachal Pradesh in District Kullu popularly known as “Kullu Manali”. Manali is a home to amazing landscapes and blessed with natural beauty. River bear house on the sides of the city. The climate in Manali is predominantly cold during winters and moderately cool during summers.

Our school recently took us for a trip to Manali in summer vacations. It was a great relief and a change in environment after so much of pressure of studies and extra classes. It was a four days trip. I and my friends Mohit, Siddharth , Rohit, Mayank, Vasu and Acharya along with the members of management Mrs. Jitendra Kaur Gupta (Principal),Ms. Mandeep Kaur( Vice-principal) , Mr. Amrinder Singh (Director of finance) with his spouse Mrs. Harsharan Kaur and their two lovely kids Tanveer and Abhiroop and not to forgot Harry Malhotra unofficial Harry Bhaiya( Ease your travels).

It was the first time school took for a trip like earlier we went for school picnics. We were all very excited and could not sleep all night waiting for sun to rise. We were asked to assemble at schools premises at 6:00 a.m. it was a long 16 hours journey. Manali is about 460 k m away from Dehradun. We croosed puata sahib near about 8'o clock and took a hault near NAHAN. There we had our refreshment. After resting for some moments we started our journey. We were all excited and enthusiastic. We went all the way singing song and enjoying, we also another hault for lunch at a dhabha. The food was delicious. It started raining as the evening fell and the fell down. As the night fell it started raining heavily. We started sharing our haunted experience and ghostly stories. After long tiring journey we reached Manali near 11.30 p.m. We had our bookings at hotel Jupiter located near Hidimba temple Manali. We were so tired after having dinner we went to sleep.

The next morning i.e. day 2. The trip began after having breakfast we left for adventure sports wearing white school t- shirts which were gifted by the school. The weather was cold and sky was cloudy. Harry bhaiya took us near a steep mountain where we had rock climbing and rappelling. Without hesitating we tried it. It was a real fun. It was an awesome experience for all of us. Then we went to another spot named KIA camps situated on the bank of river bees. It was beautiful place with small tents and Beas. It was beautiful place with small tents and cottages. There we had rope walking and another adventure. We went back to hotel for lunch without wasting much we rushed to Marhi (50 km away from Manali). It was a beautiful place. The temperature was cold. It had many beautiful places. The temperature was cold. It had many glairs and waterfalls. The scenery was marvelous. We took some photographs on glaciers at Marhi and played with snow. On our way back we visit temple “Vashisht temple” famous for its hot water springs. We went back to hotel. There a small D J session was organized before dinner at the hotel. We enjoyed a lot dancing. It took all the tiredness and made us more energetic. We had our dinner and went to sleep. The next day was a bit…….. We visited Gurudwara Shri Manikaran Sahib enjoyed the Langer and came back to Manali till evening.

Then we visited the famous “Hidimba Temple” which was only at a kilometer distance from our hotel. The temple was beautiful; we also took some snaps with YAK and Rabbits. We reached back to hotel had our refreshment took some rest and there we left for shopping at Manali mall load. There we bought for our dearness famous Kullu Shawls fruits, burfi and much more. We went back to hotel and had our dinner. We had already decided not to sleep as this was our last night in Manali. We all gathered in Mandeep Mam's room. There we had a small discussion where everyone shared their experiences, confessions were made and compliments were given followed by exchanging gifts and a cake party. This was the bestest part where we all sat and giggled for hours talking their heart out and this strength the bonding among us all. We were all a family. It was a cute thanks giving.

We slept late that night very late I would say. The next morning. It was time to say good bye to Manali. We checked out from the hotel. Taking the sweet memories in mind and also great thanks to hotel staff for its hospitality and great food. With heavy hearts we had an adieu to Manali and left for Doon. We reached home near midnight and the Manali trip had finally come to an end. It felt as if four day has passed so quickly like it only yesterday where we started trip and now it's over. But as it is said good things come in small packages. So as the Manali trip. In these four days we enjoyed like never before and these days are forgettable. They gave us memories to cherish life long. When ever anyone of us will visit Manali again. These sweet memories will be recalled and a small will appear on the face.

Amarjeet Singh
Class X Science

KedarNath Disaster

On June 16th 2013, at about 7:30 P.M. a landslide occurred near kedarnath temple with loud thunder. It was followed by rushing of huge amount of water fromChorobri Tal or Gandhi Tal down Mandakini River at about 8:30. P.M. which washed everything away in its path. Then again the next day on the 17th ofJune, 2013 at about 6:40 a.m. in the morning waters rushed down river Saraswati and from Chorobari Tal or Gandhi Sarover bringing along with its flow huge amount of silt. Rocks behind Baba Kedarnath Temple protected it from the ravages of the flood's fury. The flood water gushed on both the sides of the temple destroying everything in its path. Thus destroying everything in the path. In the middle of pilgrimage season, torrential rains, cloud burst and resulting flash floods nearly destroyed the Kedarnath town. The town was the worst affected area by the floods. Thousands of people were killed and many thousand of others (Mostly Pilgrims) were reported missing or stranded due to landslide around kedarnath. All though the surrounding area and compound of the kedarnath temple were destroyed, the temple itself was still standing amid surrounding debris. The Uttarakhand chief minister said that pilgrims to Kedarnath would not be possible for next two to five years. The rescue operation resulted in about more than 1, 00,000 people being airlifted with the help of Indian Army, Air force, NDRF and Indo – Tibet Border Police Force. Though the govt. has done a commendable worth but precautions must be taken to avoid such disasters in future.

Amarjeet Singh
Class X Science